Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Grant Murder Used by NOI Jihad Recruiters

A tragic and horrfying story of a man shot dead by an idiot policeman:
CNN:BART officer accused of murder for the shooting of Oscar Grant - more at this google search.

Now abused by those who wish to unleash a grand Jihad against.... Da Joooooos.

Oscar Grant Becomes a Poster Boy for Jihad

Those outside the Bay Area may not know the backstory: Early on January 1, a young adult African-American named Oscar Grant was fatally shot at a BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) stop by a BART police officer. The incident was captured on a few cellphones as it happened. The officer has been arrested for murder and there have been several riots in downtown Oakland.

How is this connected to the recent action in Gaza, or to the Israel-Palestinian conflict in general? Nothing published about Grant suggested that he was politically involved in this issue. However, this incident has been cynically manipulated by the local anti-Israel groups to recruit support in the African-American community for their own jihadist agenda. So, to nobody's surprise, recent anti-Israel rallies in San Francisco featured posters attempting to link Grant's death to the Gaza situation, to recruit those angry over the shooting to the side of those for whom Grad and Qassam rockets are "legitimate resistance".

Here's Tzipporah's report from a "community meeting" held in Oakland 2 days ago. For upcoming attractions, just see what's been happening in France.


There's lots more - I urge you to click and read to understand how bad things are going to get soon enough...

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