Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A taste of irony: Pelosi is too extreme for Obama

And who reports it? Vast Right Wing conspiracy?

The left-wing MSM - have apparently had enough of Pelosi's loony house:
Obama vs. Pelosi: Can the President Work with the Democrats?
For all his high-minded talk of bipartisanship and common purpose, Barack Obama was always aware that Republicans in Congress weren't going to simply set aside their philosophical differences and embrace the new President's ambitious agenda. But he had reason to hope that Democrats on Capitol Hill, while not going along with everything, would at least give him a honeymoon period. So it must be a bit of a jolt these days for Obama to frequently find himself so out of step with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, whose tacit support of Obama's campaign was felt long before her endorsement was made official.

On nearly every major issue - from the auto bailout and the stimulus bill to tax cuts and the delicate question of whether to investigate Bush Administration officials for crimes related to torture - Pelosi has voiced and even pushed through the House differing positions from the President, at times to the embarrassment of Democrats. Obama and Pelosi each, of course, have distinct motives, and personalities: Pelosi is a partisan warrior who must tend to her caucus, while Obama got elected as a postpartisan healer, implicitly attacking the old ways of Washington and striving to appeal to a broader national base.


Funny, I failed to see a healer... while MSM finally notices Pelosi's extremism, they still sing praise of dear leader.

In other news, FEMA finally notices that a natural disaster has struck Kentucky: Click for Video

As you might remember, there's been some fury regarding how Kentucky's residents are ignored by the nation while Bush was labeled as racist the day after Katrina hit new Orleans: Obama hates white people and wants them to die

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