Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Loony pro-Obama-s try to silence Rush

Welcome to the soviet union. Free Speech is under attack on a daily basis now. Pro-Obama Group Expands Rush Limbaugh Bashing Campaign
As President Obama makes his final push for approval of the $825 billion and growing job stimulus plan, he's winning support from groups like Americans United for Change that are targeting opposing Republicans. We heard from Americans United boss Brad Woodhouse today, and he revealed plans to expand his ad campaign against Republican foes. The hook of the ads: Are Republicans going to walk in lock-step with popular conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh? "The time to act boldly to turn this economy around is now, and we are leaving no stone unturned, ratcheting up the pressure on key senators to do the right thing," he says. "House Republicans decided to listen to Rush Limbaugh and put partisan politics ahead of getting people back to work as the Obama plan would do. We are putting senators on notice not to follow Limbaugh off the cliff into the political abyss but to support the Obama jobs plan instead."

So, starting this week, he's expanding TV and radio ads targeting Republicans. Included in the new wave are Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar, Missouri Sen. Kit Bond, Kentucky Sen. Jim Bunning, North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr, and Florida Sen. Mel Martinez. Woodhouse called the radio ads "Limbaugh themed." Right now, the group is running ads against 13 of the 41 senators, or an entire third of the GOP caucus.

Below are the titles and links to the ads:

Radio ad: “Rush to Failure


TV ad: “Factory


Who would have thought that a president with a fanatic fan base bashing a radio host would trigger loons to go apeshit crazy, right?

Also: Is there sinister plot
to squelch talk radio?

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