Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Al Qaeda Dirty Bomb Plotter to be Released from Gitmo, UK Moonbats Protest: Not Soon Enough

Sick, sick, sick

Let's see how much coverage this story gets in American MSM - a dirty bomb plotter to be released, just because Obama "feels like it".

British protesters urge release of Guantanamo detainee

Protesters wearing Guantanamo-style orange boiler suits protested outside the US embassy in London on Tuesday, demanding the return of a detainee.

Binyam Mohamed, 30, an Ethiopian-born former British resident with refugee status in Britain, is still being held at the Guantanamo Bay US prison camp on Cuba.

The small group of demonstrators carried placards reading "Bring Binyam home," "No more torture, no more lies" and banners reading "Bring home innocent men" and "Justice is our right; end torture."

British officials visited Mohamed at the US prison in Guantanamo Bay on Saturday and found there was no medical reason to prevent him from returning home.

Mohamed has ended his hunger strike and is hoping to be cleared for release within days, his lawyer said Sunday.

In one of his first acts in office, new US President Barack Obama agreed to close Guantanamo and has tasked top officials with working out what to do with the inmates.

Mohamed was arrested in Pakistan in 2002 before being taken to Morocco and Afghanistan, and then on to Guantanamo, the US "war on terror" detention camp.

He was suspected of attending an Al-Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan and of plotting to build a radioactive "dirty bomb," but has never been charged.

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