Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lebanese launch 2 rockets at Israel, hitting an Arab village

I only hope that in the coming war (yes - I predict a new war between Lebanon and Israel soon enough), the operation will be handled more thoughtfully. I also hope that it will not end mid-way with idiotic UN resolutions placing impotent UNIFIL "soldiers" who end up aiding terror groups while abducting and firing rockets at Israeli civilians.

P.S. John Kerry visits Syria, and rockets are fired from Lebanon - coincidence?

2 rockets fired from Lebanon and 8 from Israel
Beirut - Two rockets were fired from south Lebanon at Israel early Saturday, with one slamming into a mostly Christian Arab village and causing minor injuries to at least one Israeli, reported Lebanese and Israeli officials

Lebanese security said the rockets were fired from the Mansouri and al-Qulaila areas near the coastal town of Naqoura and said one rocket appeared to have landed in Israel.

An Israeli army spokesman said a woman was injured and the military responded to the rockets. He did not elaborate.

Israeli paramedics in Jerusalem said one rocket landed in northern Israel, causing minor injuries to three people who were taken to a hospital in the nearby coastal town of Nahariya. Israeli censorship rules do not allow media to report where, specifically, rockets fired from Lebanon land in Israel.

The rocket exploded in a mostly Christian, Arab village in the Galilee region, leaving a large groove in the ground next to a house. Drops of what appeared to be dried blood were sprayed on the pavement and shrapnel smashed through a kitchen window, filling the sink with glass.

"I was sleeping when I heard something like a bomb," local resident Masad, who did not give his last name, told Associated Press Television News. "I got up and saw something unbelievable — a katyusha," he said, referring to the type of rocket often used by militant groups in south Lebanon.


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