Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Deliberate Cultural Confusion

Continuing with a series of music related posts - things that I'm surprised to find on my MP3 player recently... (well - not really surprised)

The following song is a remake of the Hebrew disco song sung originally by Ofra Haza who made an impact on the world music arena in the 80-s and had died of Aids in the end of the 90-s. The remake is work of art in the art of confusing the listener, which I find very entertaining. It starts with a Spanish guitar theme, someone sings something in some African language, and then a piano escorts a relaxed vocal beginning. Then enters the dance and techno rhythms, all the while the singing becomes a “symphony” of Middle Eastern vocals and Georgian folk music motifs. Extremely confusing. It’s flamingo – turned into Jordanian music and wedding dancing clapping. It ends with techno.

Shir Ha'Frecha (Bimbo's Song)

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When the heck are we going to finally get rid of Olmert? Is he deliberately trying to cause harm?
YNET:Olmert: Discrimination against Arabs deliberate
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says longtime discrimination against Israeli Arabs seeking public service posts deliberate; PM says that complete absence of Arab employees at Bank of Israel 'terrible'

I'll tell you what's terrible and deliberate... Olmert.

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