Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pakistan instability and mass murders continue

How do you make readers pay attention? Attach an unrelated nothing, like the proximity of a US envoy to an explosion site which took the life of a Pakistani law maker.

Bomb kills lawmaker in Pakistan as US envoy visits
A bomb killed a secular lawmaker in a key city near the Afghan border Wednesday as the new U.S. envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan was in town.

The bombing in Peshawar, which has seen regular attacks by Islamist militants, also wounded six and offered a graphic example of the challenges President Barack Obama's new administration will face in the region.

Footage on Dawn TV showed U.S. envoy Richard Holbrooke arriving at the governor's house in Peshawar on Wednesday morning. There was no suggestion he was close to the site of the attack.

Holbrooke was on the third day of a visit to Pakistan to help President Barack Obama chart a new strategy to beat the insurgencies raging here and in Afghanistan. U.S. officials provided no details of his agenda for security reasons. The Dawn TV report said Holbrooke also visited a Pakistani military base near the border.

Obama spoke by phone with Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari on Wednesday, their first contact since Obama's inauguration, Zardari's office said in statement. It provided few specifics.

Islamist militants based in the tribal regions close to Afghanistan are fighting Pakistan's pro-American government. Peshawar, a bustling city with a history of lawlessness, lies on the main supply line for Western troops in Afghanistan.


A title - and 10 different stories inside. It continues on the foxnews site.

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