Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Israel's Mid-Election Day, Hebrew news roundup

My sources for this post are the following Hebrew sites:

The wrong vote, a good man, a brave soldier, just the wrong party

  • As of 4pm Israel time, only 41.9% of voters showed up. Still chances of stronger show up. (Israelis usually vote in strong numbers)
  • A heavy rain day - considered stormy. Still voters arrive to vote.
  • A big nothing around far-right leader trying to stir chaos in Arab towns on election day. He wasn't allowed to come and his replacement arrived and left quickly. A few Arab rioters were arrested
  • Hamas is threatening, if Bibi Netanyahu is elected - no calm. If you vote because of what a terrorist threatens you with - you're an idiot.
  • Latest polls show likud leading with between 25 to 30 seats out of 120. Likud has lost lots of support due to ongoing Israeli MSM blitz against Netanyahu. Many Israelis believe he's a liar who stole their social entitlements.
  • My Mom is voting for Kadima only because their leader is a woman. So gender-identity politics still works. My wife's angry with her but we agreed there's not much to do about it...
  • Results will be available by tomorrow, exit polls in about 12 hours.
  • Election day in Israel is a national day off - so many people are flooding the malls (bad weather). Talk about a stimulus....
  • Last election I was at in Israel, we did a road trip the whole day, we finally arrived at a restaurant and the owner kept apologizing for running out of ingredients - it was a hecktic day for the restaurant business.
  • So far - the closure on non citizen Arabs and threats against terrorists produced a somewhat terror free day.
  • Sderot, a city bruised by rockets, changes it's regular socialist vote towards right wing parties
  • Meretz - a far left Jewish party has a great chance of being scrapped. Fingers crossed.
  • Israel has a Parliamentary system. Regardless of the electoral results, it would take some time until a coalition of contrasting parties would construct a 60+ vote majority to announce a new government. Until then, Olmert could continue hurting the country.

Rainy election day in Israel.

That's it for now.... updates later in other posts.

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