Friday, February 27, 2009

EU Foreign Policy Chief Visiting Gaza: Solidarity with "good people of Gaza"

Unprecedented EU stance - expressing solidarity with Hamas endorsing residents of Gaza. Good people? In what way? What good deed did they ever do - use all the goodwill capital the world has given them to build and launch rockets?

Obviously the antisemites from Europe still don't care that Gazan Hamasholes are holding a human being hostage (a French citizen) and are denying Shalit red cross visits. The good people... sheesh

Now be a good dhimmi and pay up so they can rebuild the terror base and continue their war to conquer the world from the stink hole they call home.

EU's Solana on unprecedented Gaza visit
EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana toured the war-shattered Gaza Strip on Friday, his first such trip since the Islamist Hamas seized power in the Palestinian territory in June 2007.

"I came to Gaza to see by myself the situation and the destruction and to show the solidarity to the good people of Gaza who have suffered so much," he said at a news conference.

"I wanted to see with my eyes the level of destruction," he said of the devastation wrought by Israel's 22-day military offensive that killed more than 1,300 Palestinians.

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  1. Oh yes,
    The people of Israel are such victims!
    That time has long passed, do your research before you post this nonsense. Per dead Isreali, there are nearly 100 dead Palestines!
    Not to mention the fact that Israel has stolen 75% of all the fertile land and hills in the Palestinian part!
    For each handmade and uneficient roket they shoot, they get a artillery strike back that levels a perimiter of 100m from where it was shot.
    How many Isreali's died in their recent attack? 8 and 3 from friendly fire! Open your eyes!

  2. Do you measure victimhood? A dead man is a dead man, a terrorized child is a terrorized child. I don't need to do any further research, I'm from there and know a hell of a lot more than you about both Arabs and Jews.

    No one stole a land. However Arabs like you keep spreading that lie. Someone should teach you a history lesson except that you are deaf due to your hatred. You don't care what Arabs did to Jews, you don't care to know that every consequence has a cause.

    The side who opened that war suffered the consequences, the logic conclusion would be - don't open a war.

    Handmade inefficient rockets? Tell that to the dead people and kids who have 15 seconds to find shelter. You are a low life for justifying that stuff.

    "Squid" - You obviously enjoy counting bodies. You are sick.