Thursday, February 12, 2009

Soldiers don't Change Israeli Election Results, Plus the unspoken Female Vote effect

First, the simple news, as I anticipated - and contrary to wishful thinking on behalf of Israel-National-News: Final election results in; no change
Central Elections Committee announces no change in results after double-envelope votes, absentee ballots counted

The Central Elections Committee finished counting the last of the votes for Israel's 18th Knesset, including those cast by soldiers, sailors, diplomatic corps personal stationed overseas, hospital employees, the handicapped, and prisoners.

The results, which remained unchanged, were announced during a festive press conference in Jerusalem.

The double-envelope votes – which prevent dual voting in special and regular ballot boxes – encompass a wide variety of citizens. The system is employed in 700 IDF polling stations, 1,319 ballot boxes for the handicapped, 194 hospital ballots, 92 embassy ballots, and 56 ballot boxes located in prisons; out of a grand total of 9,263 ballot boxes in Israel.

According to the initial vote count, which took place 12 hours after the termination of the elections and included 99.7% of all votes cast, Kadima won 28 mandates, the Likud emerged with 27, Yisrael Beiteinu got 15, and Labor won a paltry 13 mandates.

Now to another "analysis" I made which I found no reportage about until now: opinion page:The left baked itself the porridge(Badly auto translated from Hebrew)
Women voted in their masses to Livni even though she did not identify her self as a feminist, in a protest vote against the left parties dominance over female vote.

The opinion goes into depth trying to find excuses for the lack of votes the lefty parties got. I have a different analysis - but I mainly linked to that page to show what I was claiming before, Livni got 28 seats because women voted by gender-identity ideals. The same twisted ideals which got Obama elected here in the US.

In my opinion the left was kicked to the curve because the Israeli public has finally rejected the false hope and lies the "make peace with terrorists" have been pushing. One miserable failure after the other have brought the middle east closer to disaster than to peace. Disengagement and failure to respond to construction of Gaza as Iranian missile launch base have been the final straw. I don't expect the lefties to ever admit they made these kind of mistakes. They always hang the blame on "lack of focus on social issues".

Another interesting ancdote: Kadima and "Israel Beitenu" are both in a way an offshoot of Likud. Liberman, the leader of "Israel Beitenu" used to be Netanyahu's personal assistant. The Rahm Emanuel of Bibi. Liberman wanted a seat in the parliament and started a new party mainly aimed at former Russian immigrants. Kadima, as most know - was formed by Likud members and leaders in an attempt to distance themselves from Bibi - who many viewed negatively after he balanced Israel's debt and budget on the social welfare recipients expense.

So in a way you could count Kadima, Likud, and Israel-Beitenu as one party broken to bickering peaces, holding right now: 70 Seats, a ruling majority.

Of course, they are no longer a single party, and have major disagreements. The point here is, that the voters who put a ballot for any of these parties could have easily given their vote to any of the other. There are currently a lot more than half the Jewish population who categorically reject the left in all it's forms.

It's not progressive (hijacked term), it's progress.

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