Wednesday, February 04, 2009

UK Atheists Bus Ad Slams Islamic Terror, stops short labeling Islam

UK atheists Bus-Ad slams terror, but stops short of putting Islam or Muslims in the ad. UK pussies, remain pussies. At least be honest about it - only Islam blows up buses!

I have no idea when was this Ad placed. The image was found on a "stumble upon" click.

Apparently - as the watermark suggests, the image originated here:

Irritatingly militant commenter Brian wants us to know that this ad was not placed on a bus and was generated by a web tool.

So go ahead and make your own message, have fun with it, here's mine:

The commenting exchange can be found on WZ post: here


  1. "ad"... not "add"...

    "Radical Islam flies you into buildings" would have been better

  2. Matt and Toni Rings, yes, but '...flies you into buildings' pretty much points the finger right there. Just like 'exploding buses', one really doesn't have to guess the cult referred to. It's plain cowardly of the atheists though, to not name SHITslam if they feel the need to speak out.

  3. *I* get it right and *you* get it wrong, but *I'm* the one with the reading comprehension problem??


    Just can't admit you were wrong, eh?