Sunday, February 01, 2009

Katrina, Remember how the left treated Bush? Odd silence as Kentucky's frozen and people die

I'm not in a habit of throwing mud and calling people racists - just to prove a point about how they behaved when they had the chance... In most cases where you would find it in the following links, it's bitter sarcasm in response to how Bush was treated when Katrina hit New Orleans.

Nearly 1M still without power in ice storm's wake

Ice-battered Kentucky pleads for help from storm

Rednecks die, no one cries

Barack Obama Hates White Folks

Obama hates white people and wants them to die

KY guardsmen cut through trees downed by ice storm that's frozen state for nearly a week

Guardsmen cut through fallen trees in ice-caked KY

Kentucky deploys all guard troops for ice storm recovery

Red Cross Goes to Help Powerless in Kentucky

Donate to: American Red Cross: Mid-West Kentucky Chapter and also: American Red Cross

To conclude my post about KY ice-storm disaster: Natural disasters hit, and federal aid agency will not always fully succeed despite efforts. We are lucky to live in a nation which has the means and the will to provide aid when needed. Political opportunism in the wake of natural disasters are always the worst kind.

Let's hope for the best for all those who need it in KY. And damn it - this winter is cold - from here in Michigan I'm yearning for it to go away already. Where's the promised "global warming" when you need it?

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