Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Long range missile lauchned at Israeli city, Israeli Hebrew news sites hide the headlines

Absolutely shameful. In their obvious advocacy for left-wing parties, terror attacks article can't make headlines. It's a disgrace. The left agenda is what brought Israel to this junction. The left stopped Israel from completing "Cast Lead" and reoccupying Gaza. That's right, the only solution to subdue terror is to defeat it and keep those who wish to commit it under your foot - under occupation. Occupation was never the cause of terror - it was the solution to terror.

Here's ynet.co.il - no mention at all on news site front page:
Here's Walla - mention of attack within article's abstract section, not a title. (Though it is first article in order)
Here's Maariv's nrg, terror attack headline exists on front-page, however much smaller than all other headlines.

Left-wing media is a global disease.

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