Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blog Wars - Just Sad

I still enjoy these two blogs a lot, but LGF - for reasons known to Charles' - has chosen to be... well... unfriendly to Spencer. I can't say a bad word about neither, everyone makes mistakes. Spencer admitted his own.

Jihad Watch, Spencer: I fall victim to an Internet prank, and Charles Johnson, desperate, tries to defame me with it

Charles Johnson: Robert Spencer Joins Genocidal Facebook Group

The fact is, Charles was right more than once about certain European groups - which mar the whole anti-Jihadi blog group. "Atlas Shrugs" and "Jihad Watch" took their time to acknowledge that (if at all).

There's real good work done out there by all 3, and it's a shame this feud broke. I'm sure the Islamists are jubilant as these things continue to happen.

Yes - there are those who hate, I'm sorry HATE (try reading aloud with crazy voice) little green footballs - there are examples aplenty, here's just one:
lgf-watch: The Anti-Charles Pile On

Here's another - by a blog titled "1389 Blog - Antijihadist Tech":

Hate so much, it's a day job apparently.

Please do not misunderstand this post - I seek no enemies. I have enough of these by virtue of being born (as this post demonstrates quite clearly). I read news and blogs to get informed, share some things with my occasional readers on the blog and very seldom produce "long and boring op-eds" here.

I've talked to others, and it's painful to many to watch these right-wing blog wars.

PS. It's not a "let's all get along" piece either. I recognize that the rapture is deep. I'm just expressing awareness and unhappiness of this situation.

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