Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gaza's Smugglers Tunnels were built with Pyramid Scheme Money

The source is in Hebrew, a article:

Again, I'll translate a small part, if you click for more details you will hurt your eyes trying to make sense of the odd auto-translation:
Gaza Residents Furious: The Tunnels Collapsed and With Them Resident's Investments
The destruction of Gaza's smugglers tunnels by IDF brought with it an unexpected outcome: A big number of mediators, who promised small investors huge profits in exchange for an investment in digging tunnels disappeared with the money after the war. Hamas: "The investment is prohibited by Sharia law"


Hamas' finance chief thieving terrorist minister said:"A number of investors collected millions in a way that is disallowed in Sharia and we will find them and punish them".


Despite such rhetoric, residents of Gaza believe Hania's government knew and participated in collecting these funds.


Underground creatures in a deluxe 17 bedroom apartment Smugglers

But... but... we were told by the media that everyone in Gaza is starving for food and are the poorest people on earth - which is why the UN is paying them in cash and invests in Gaza a lot more than in the entire continent of Africa. Huh. They still managed to collect Millions of Dollars! I guess all the US funds and UNRAW funds do end up as cash under a mattress in Gaza.

I wonder how "voluntarily" the people of Gaza gave away their money to Hamas' mafia rule. I only assume that the first to speak about it will be thrown from a high rise building for disagreeing with Hamas, or any other kind of brutal punishment - they are experts in abusing their own population.

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