Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Why do democrats like to roll with tax cheats?

Obama administration started with hiring 2 tax cheats, one commerce guy who quit before being reviewed because of pending investigations, a justice guy who let a tax cheat be pardoned, and Hillary Clinton which is a bag full of scandals.

Seriously, can't the Democrats find just a few leaders who aren't so obviously corrupt to help this nation at a time of need? This is a time of need - there's an economic crisis as well as a security crisis - but what are they focused on?

They're focused on contraceptives, and pork - and pork and more pork - and then to free terrorists and bend over for talks with Iran. I'm not a republican. I'll repeat - I'm not a republican. Not a democrat either. I'm a person who moved to the US with knowing very little at the beginning about American politics. I just can't figure out what drives people to continue voting for Democrats. I just can't understand it.

My only conclusion is that people who vote democrats are doing so because they don't really pay attention to the news. Scandals don't affect their state of mind. They only care when loony Clooney and the rest of the E! team choir speak and tell them that "Bush is horrible". Worse than Hitler they said.

Obama is only 2 weeks in - had done absolutely nothing but hire the worst choices for administration and made some terrifying announcements. 2 Weeks of horrifying announcement - and the only way a person can accept it is if he is rooting for America to fail while rooting for Obama to succeed.

Obama and lefties were saying these days that "Rush roots for Obama to fail", how very unpatriotic of him. "See - the right wingers aren't patriotic - they are partisans". People - I tell you, this is insane and backwards.

Just a Tuesday morning political rant.

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Hope'n'change train wreck marches on. Just 1371 days till next election.

Rooting for America to succeed, not for socialism and pandering to Jihadis.

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