Sunday, February 15, 2009

There are racists, and then there are racism enables - oh yea, Ann Coulter made a mistake in her book too.

You'd think this post is about Ann Coulter - but my note about it is simple: She made a mistake, honest mistake or not - a big one. A site with a "white pride T-Shirts", is a site by and for racists. Her attempt to paint them otherwise in a paragraph of a book reflects badly on her research. Of course, she has many other details which are well researched in many books, and she does not defend "white pride" or any such non-sense, she's simply obviously wrong in her defense of a group calling them "not racist". They are.

Columnist Ann Coulter Defends White Supremacist Group

This post is about something worse. It's about Durban II. The "anti-racism", pro-antisemitism conference.

Obama cannot pretend to misunderstanding what Durban II is about. After all Bush did cancel USA's involvement. Obama knows what Durban II is about - and he chooses to support it.

U.S. will attend Durban II planning session
The United States will participate in planning a controversial international conference against racism.

The State Department announced late Saturday night that it would send a delegation to the Feb. 16-19 consultations for the United Nations-sponsored World Conference Against Racism, dubbed Durban II, "as a means of evaluating the current direction of Conference preparations and whether U.S. participation in the Conference itself is warranted."

The conference, which will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, in April, has threatened to be similar to the first conference, held in Durban, South Africa in 2001, which was used by Arab states and their supporters to attack Israel.

The United States and Israel walked out of the first conference after the introduction of a resolution comparing Zionism to racism, which is likely to be raised again.

"This will be the first opportunity the (Obama) Administration has had to engage in the negotiations for the Durban Review, and - in line with our commitment to diplomacy - the U.S. has decided to send a delegation to engage in the negotiations on the text of the conference document," a statement from the State Department read.

"The intent of our participation is to work to try to change the direction in which the Review Conference is heading. We hope to work with other countries that want the Conference to responsibly and productively address racism around the world."

The statement added that the United States' participation in what it called "informal negotiations" did not indicate that the United States has decided to participate in the actual conference. Decisions about participating in the conference or other planning sessions leading up to it "will be taken at a later date, depending on the results that we see from the negotiating process," according to the statement.

Canada and Israel have already announced that they will boycott the conference.
Somehow, I'm suspicious of whether or not the USA will eventually participate. There would always be an excuse. You cave once, you cave twice... where's the back bone? The excuses made this time, that it is only in attempt to change direction - is in one both admitting of knowledge regarding what Durban II is, and an acceptance and participation in creating it.

To understand what Durban I was about, read this:
Jew-Hatred in Durban

And here's what's coming in Durban II
Durban II: Son of the Anti-Semitic Demon Rises From the Grave To Eat The Brains Of The World

Also, Yourish: Durban II: Heading right down the same anti-Semitic path

About Ann Coulter again, please understand - I expect her to clarify herself very soon.

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