Thursday, February 05, 2009

CIA nominee vows no renditions, no torture

No rendition, no interrogation, closing prisons which hold terrorists away from US shores and away from ACLU lawyers... Hope'n'Change baby.

What exactly is this administration prepared to do to keep the country safe? Besides pandering and bending over on Al-Arbia.

CIA nominee vows no renditions for torture
US President Barak Obama's nominee to head the CIA vowed Thursday to forbid renditions of detainees to foreign countries for the purpose of torture or other actions that "violate our human values."

Leon Panetta, a former lawmaker and White House chief of staff, was asked at a Senate hearing to confirm his nomination as director of the Central Intelligence Agency whether the agency would continue the practice.

"No, we will not," Panetta said.

"Because under the executive order issued by the president, that kind of extraordinary rendition, where we send someone for the purpose of torture or actions by another country that violate our human values, that has been forbidden by the executive order."

Panetta said some kinds of renditions of prisoners were "appropriate," citing as an example the rendition to France of Carlos the Jackal to stand trial on terrorism charges.

And he said the United States had the right to temporarily hold and debrief "high value" terrorist suspects captured overseas.

But Panetta said, "I do not believe we ought to use renditions for the purpose of sending people to black sites, and not providing the kind of oversight I believe is necessary."

Bright light?
LATimes: Will Leon Panetta be the next body under Obama's bus?

My note - highly unlikely. Unfortunately, this far lefty is exactly the person Obama wants there and no outcry is going to change that.

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