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"No Jews allowed, but dogs are welcome." - Nazi Turkey 2009

But before I link to the article - some nice guy who wished to remain anonymous left this message on my blog in response to "Death to Jews in Venezuela":

I am not sure people hates Jews,I believe the images of Gazan children women and men that died during the Israel bomberdment of Gaza city outraged the world. Please advise the Government of Israel to always take measures to minimise civilian deaths during wars in the occupied territiories.

Here's the snapshot of Turkey 2009

A climate of fear

Ever since she was a kid, Sheila wanted to be married in Istanbul's famous Neveh Shalom Synagogue.

Supporters of the ruling Justice and Development Party wave Turkish flags outside the Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul.
Photo: AP

"It's a very beautiful place," the 26-year-old told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday. "Growing up in Istanbul, all the girls want to to have their weddings there."

But Sheila, who made aliya three years ago and lives in Jerusalem, said that given the dramatic increase in anti-Israel and anti-Semitic sentiment in Turkey following Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip last month, her dream wedding is turning into something of a nightmare.

"I was engaged three months ago," said Sheila, who asked that her last name not be published out of fear for her family's safety, all of whom still live in the Turkish metropolis. "My fiance is Israeli, and his family no longer wants to go there for the wedding. On top of that, when my mother goes to the ministry offices [in Istanbul] to try and get the marriage forms filled out, they won't help her. They won't help her because she's Jewish."


"Frankly, I'm scared to have my wedding there now," she said. "On the one hand, yeah, it's my dream, but on the other hand, the situation there has simply gotten out of control."

"Every day it gets worse," Sheila continued. "My parents told me that a shopkeeper near one of the Jewish neighborhoods, where my grandparents live, put a sign in the window of his store that said, 'No Jews allowed, but dogs are welcome.'

"Even when my parents go to buy a phone card to call me, they get harassed by the shopkeepers the minute they say they're trying to make a call to Israel."

Sheila also said that during the war, billboards went up around town decrying the Israeli "crimes" in Gaza, and the government made students in every Turkish school stand for a moment of silence in solidarity with the children of Gaza.


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