Wednesday, February 11, 2009

EU warns of long-legged trainees and other "spies"

Watch out - they might steal away all the EU secrets, like how to dhimmify and socialize your nation...

Here's one suspect:

Da joooo long legged spy ;-)

Reuters reports: EU warns of long-legged trainees and other "spies"
The European Commission faces a mounting risk of espionage by spies in many guises including lobbyists, journalists and "pretty trainees" with long legs, a spokeswoman said on Wednesday.

"Like any large-scale organisation which deals with sensitive or confidential information, there are always people who endeavour to gain access to this information," European Commission spokeswoman Valerie Rampi told a regular briefing.

She confirmed media reports of the existence of a note circulated internally by the EU executive warning its staff that "the threat of espionage against the Commission is increasing day by day."

"In a number of countries, information-seekers, lobbyists, journalists, private agencies and other third parties are continuing to seek sensitive and classified information from the Commission," she quoted it as saying.

It said intelligence officers or those directly linked to intelligence services had made "repeated attempts to compromise Commission information" using a variety of covers.

"One example of such cover is that of a trainee, the second is that of a member of a national administration who is on secondment, the third is that of a technical expert on IT (information technology) matters," Rampi said.

"We are not only pointing the finger at the journalists. It could be the pretty trainee with the long legs and the blonde hair," she told the briefing.

The Commission makes proposals for EU legislation and is responsible for monitoring breaches of the EU treaty in areas such as competition policy and budgetary matters. A substantial lobbying industry in Brussels has grown to study, and if possible, help shape its decisions.

Rampi said the Commission had no intelligence capability of its own and worked instead in cooperation with security services of EU member states to counter espionage activities.

Watch out! It's the 50 foot women ATTACK!!! Ahhhh!!!

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