Tuesday, March 24, 2009

UK report warns nuclear attack realistic

But Obama's people can't utter the words terror, Jihad, enemy...(not to mention in the same sentence)
UK report warns nuclear attack realistic
Although al-Qaida is probably not going to survive the coming years, a nuclear or chemical weapons attack on British soil is becoming increasingly likely, according to a new report by the British government. The report, quoted by the British Independent on Tuesday, warned that a "dirty bomb" attack was "more realistic" then ever.

"Contemporary terrorist organizations aspire to use chemical, biological, radiological and even nuclear weapons," the report said. "Changing technology and the theft and smuggling of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) materials make this aspiration more realistic than it may have been in the recent past."

According to the Independent the "Contest Two" report is the first unclassified document that includes a detailed picture of the assessments of British officials regarding the probable future course of terrorism, and its underlying causes.

The report describes how terrorists in conflict zones develop new explosives and attack methods and quickly disseminate the information worldwide.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith highlighted the underlying causes of the danger of an unconventional weapons attack.

"Failed states, conflict, technology - both in terms of the ability to use materials and the ability to learn about how materials are used - contribute to our concern about that as a threat, including what we know about what terrorists may have previously planned to do and may be planning to do," she said.

"Although al-Qaida is probably not going to survive the coming years"

The British are living in a fantasy world. Al Qaida per se was never the problem. It's the Jihadis, it's those "nice people" the British imported from Pakistan. It doesn't matter under what name and umbrella they act. The whole ideology comes directly from that murderous religion. Any attempt to criticize and any attempt from the inside to reform or interpret (to a less aggressive form) is met with fierce violence.

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