Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Obama's diplomatic experiments: US back to UN HRC, rep dare not mention Israel by name

There can be no excuse. Sitting in the sessions is giving that corrupt and antisemitic body credence. He can't claim he's doing it to assist Israel in any way. This is a collapse of morality.

US back as observer to UN rights council
The United States returned Wednesday to the U.N. Human Rights Council, a body it left nine months ago saying it was biased against Israel and had failed to confront notorious rights abusers.

The U.S. informed the council it will resume participating in meetings as an active observer. Observer status means the U.S. can engage in debate but not vote.

"We will expect — of ourselves and of the governments in this chamber representing every region of the world — a willingness to overcome our differences and to unite in common purpose," Mark Storella, charge d'affaires of the U.S. mission to the United Nations in Geneva, told the council.

The U.S. will work closely with council members and other observers to promote human rights around the world, he said.

Last June, the Bush administration announced it was virtually giving up on the 47-nation body and would participate in debates only if absolutely necessary. It said it was leaving because of the council's anti-Israel statements and its failure to act on abuses in Sudan and other states.

The council is dominated by Muslim and African countries.

"The United States remains concerned about the politicization of human rights, and about this council's repeated singling out of one country," Storella said, referring to Israel.

"We are concerned about this council's failure thus far to address some of the most egregious human rights violations in the world today," Storella said. "And about the isolated but alarming attempts by some to use council resolutions to undermine universal human rights, such as freedom of expression."

Islamic countries last year pushed through a resolution urging a global prohibition on the defamation of religion — a move European countries criticized as focusing excessively on Islam and incompatible with free speech.

If the body's toothless, and it's actions are ridiculous, what's the point in "engaging" it? Bush's policy was to render corrupt UN limbs irrelevant. Obama's policy gives it relevance again. Is this just the beginning? What's next in "engagement diplomacy"?

Israel's far left news site "walla" captioned this ludicrousness as: "The USA is protecting Israel from world criticism". Leftards unite. This is no protection, but making such statement puts both Israel and the USA in a bad light. I don't know if they attempted to put a smiley face on a horrible situation - as if Obama is doing this in support of Israel. Or they were trying to express world lefty opinion that the USA should not support Israel.

To put my view on this situation in plain words:

* UHC says Israel is a bastard who should be punished and demolished.
* USA says - please don't focus on Israel, let's talk.

How is this smart? Helpful? Productive? Honest? Yes - I said honest. The problem with regards to UHC treatment of Israel is not just the focus. It is deeper. It is the dishonesty of the forum with regards to Israel. But Obama's diplomacy is "ashamed" to mention that.

We should expect the same with "engagement" with Iran, Syria and N' Koria:
>>N'Korea - please don't build nukes, here's free money.
>>Thanks for the money - sure we won't. Kaboom

>>Syria - please make peace with Israel.
>>First give us all we want - then we will talk about peace. PS. Nasrallah says hi.

>>Iran - unclench the fist
>>Death to big Satan (USA), death to little Satan (Israel)

It seems like fantasy based policy making is a staple of a certain party in the USA.

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