Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Oddest Way to Fight Terrorism

With this ad:

Feels like a recycling ad, doesn't it?
Anti-terror campaign launched
PEOPLE in shops, petrol stations, hairdressers - and even pub toilets - are being urged to join the fight against terrorism.

The call is being made by the Manchester-based North West Counter Terrorism Unit in a nationwide advertising campaign launched yesterday.

The campaign - to increase awareness of an anti-terrorist hotline and flag up possible danger signs - will be targeted at people going about their everyday business.

As revealed exclusively by the M.E.N. last month, the ads will feature on radio stations and in newspapers - but they will also be in supermarkets, hairdressing salons, petrol stations, public loos in pubs and bars, and at Manchester airport.

The ads encourage people to contact police if they spot something suspicious rather than leaving it to someone else.

Det. Chief Supt Tony Porter said: "We can all play our part in protecting our communities and reporting any suspicious activity. When people provide information they could be giving us the final piece of a complex jigsaw.

"If you have concerns about something, don't leave it in the hope someone else will report it. It is down to us to make sure the call has been made as it could save lives.

"People can report their concerns through the hotline and they will be treated in the strictest confidence, and all information will be thoroughly researched before any police action is taken."

During the month long initiative cards, postcards and leaflets with the hotline number on will be distributed to communities. People will be encouraged to keep the phone number and store it so they have it to hand if they need to use it.

Police say the posters are part of an on-going campaign and are `not linked to any current threat'

I have a tip for you. Write the words in Urdu, Pashtun, Arabic, and replace the image with a "TERRORISTS: GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY COUNTRY" sign.

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