Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Proper Response to Newsweek Dummy Dhimmitude

H/T To Moonbattery, I thought of making a similar photoshop when I first encountered the latest dhimmy cover:

Original garbage:

Truth be-told - I read aloud the Arabic part, and went to vomit a second later.
You can too if you wish to shed some pounds:
Al-Islam Al-Radicaly
Khakik min khaka'ik al-khayat.
Kyf nata'ayish ma'a
(kh sounds like when you try to spit a loogy)

If you do read aloud, try and avoid people giving you the heimlich - hold a sign saying you are not choking on a pretzel. Had you eaten a pretzel while reading the English translation - choking would be a proper response though.

I believe the photoshop was done by snapped shot.

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