Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Recommended Read: Naive U.S. justice system is turning terrorists loose

From the New York Daily News:
Taking risks with terror: Naive U.S. justice system is turning terrorists loose
The "terrorists to the bone" taunting by five Al Qaeda architects of the 9/11 attacks was a painful reminder that more than seven years after the murders of 3,000 Americans, the U.S. has failed abysmally in the application of justice.

Those who committed the unspeakable should no longer have the capacity to speak. They should be dead.

But no. Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and his fellow conspirators are shielded by lawyers who charge the government violated civil liberties by disclosing defiant declarations the terrorists themselves filed in court. This is the world turned disgracefully on its head.

We ourselves are to blame. The Bush and Obama administrations, Congress and the courts made prosecuting the blatantly guilty virtually impossible. Instead, we have the paralysis of politics and procedural protections.

Even if it kills us. And it is killing us. It is killing U.S. troops.


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And the gull of Gibbs, calling Cheney remarks part of "Republican Cabal".

This administration for some reason thinks the war on terror is a big joke:
Homeland Security Chief: Of Course There's Islamic Terrorism...I Just Don't Give a Shit....

How to make sure you will lose a war? Discourage the troops:
American Legion commander “angered” after meeting Obama

Cabal?! Dangerous stuff is happening here and people are worried for their lives and lives of the troops. But hey, let's play politics. Let's just goof and rename things.

Obama to re-brand “enemy combatants”

Dereliction. That's the word I was looking for. It all started with Bill Clinton though:

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