Monday, March 30, 2009

New Israeli Government, Great News

The best bit of news regarding the new Israeli government to be sworn in tomorrow is the replacement of current minister of education with the coming one.

The outgoing minister of education, a labor party official is Yuli Tamir. A post Zionist who pushed anti-Israel political agenda into the curriculum.

Good riddance:

Ultra-Leftist, peace-now/sanity later gone: Yuli Tamir
as Minister of Education, she approved a history textbook for Arab children, wherein the 1948 Arab–Israeli War is described as the nakba - the disaster. This led the opposition leaders to demand her dismissal. Tamir defended her act as a way of giving "expression to [the Arab's] feelings as well."[1] On 11 August 2008 Tamir announced plans to remove Ze'ev Jabotinsky's work from the national education curriculum.[2]

The coming minister, in no way could be worse. I don't know much about him, so I can only dig up stuff:

From knesset site: Married, Lawyer (with an extra political science degree), former combat soldier in Golani (not officer). He's young - born in 1966.

Wikipage: Gideon Sa'ar

He has a site in Hebrew.

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