Friday, March 20, 2009

Tortured to Death, But not in Gitmo nor Abu-Graib - so moving on

How sick was it when the media kept pushing lies and propaganda about the US torturing and murdering poor innocent Muslims? This sick: It is happening everyday in Iran and no MSM outlet reports on it.

Fist-Unclenching in action.
Iranian Blogger Reported Dead in Prison
Omid Reza Misayafi, one of a number of Iranian bloggers arrested for "insulting" the government and religious authorities in that country, is dead. Misayafi's death was reported on Global Voices Online via an Iranian human rights site in Farsi and we learned of it from The Committee to Protect Bloggers.

No cause of death is yet known, but the Committee says torture of bloggers is common in Iran and they are usually placed in close proximity to the most dangerous criminals in any facility. Misayafi was sentenced in December to 30 months in prison "for insulting Islamic Republic Leaders." The man said he was a cultural blogger, not a political one, and only wrote a few satirical articles that got him into trouble.

An update tonight indicates that the prison conditions may have led the man to take his own life. Directly or indirectly, it appears that Misayafi's life has been brought to an end for exercising free speech, for criticizing an authoritarian state and for doing it using online social media. Social media users and advocates around the world should take note of this even

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