Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Nuge

A quote from a book a friend gave me:
My childhood and the man it produced stand in stark contrast to today's "average" male. I am saddened by the blatant decay of rugged individualism resulting in a pathetic lack of real boys and real men across America today. Considering that I am extremely blessed to share SpiritWild campfires with the absolute, most manly, last of the Mohican, real mountainmen in the world gives me pause and hope when I otherwise see a preponderance of mealy mouthed, milquetoast, fat, slow, hunched over, starry-eyed zombies everywhere I go. Soulless slouchers. Softies. Wimps, clueless in the pathetic, dependent little whiney girlyman lives. Hell, just the way many young men carry themselves-sagging, flopping shoulders... shuffling, stumbling feet... hanging heads... blank stares-combined with barely audible mumbling and a total incapacity for any meaningful dialogue makes me crazier than a bear in a nest of hornets.

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