Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Turkey PM, Erdogan - Beat Up a 13 Year Old Kid

Wouldn't expect any less... This is the state of the secular democracy known as Turkey.

On an electoral visit to the city of Adana, in the southern region of the Aegean, the Turkish prime minister, Tayyip Erdogan, is thought to have grabbed the neck of young protestor, before leaving the unmistakable signs of deep finger nail scratches on his skin. The secular website 'Flash Haber' reports the news, which is part of the same group as Flash TV, and which published a profile shot of the boy, aged 13, whose initials M.S.O. were used to keep his identity secret, and who appears in the picture with his eyes blacked out. On his neck, below a typical Turkish student hair-style, red signs of long and deep nail-scratches are evident. Last Monday Erdogan was on a visit to Adana for the electoral campaign for the administrative consultations on March 29 when, as his vehicle moved through the streets in a convoy, the young boy crossed police barriers and shouted towards him, "God will punish you in the next elections." "I was immediately stopped by the escorting officers," the young boy recounted, who brought me before him. The prime minister put one hand on my neck and, pushing me roughly, scratched me with his nails asking me: 'Why did you shout those things?' I answered him, 'My father lost his job recently because of the economic crisis.' Then he let me go." Flash Haber reports that the boy's family has begun attempts to find a lawyer to charge the Prime Minister with mistreating a child: that is M.S.O.'s status in the secular laws of Turkey, even if, according to Islam, which is the at the basis of Erdogan's AKP Justice and Development party, the boy should already be deemed to be a "father of a family" and therefore essentially a man.

I'm a bit confused from the piece... according to Islam... according to secular laws... what is the point the writer is trying to make?

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