Monday, March 30, 2009

Blog of the day: Animal Farm

I think he wanted to capture the domain, but it is already taken Big Brother, not the Holding Company
TARP money was given to banks under the pretense to start lending again. Representative Barney Frank (D) Massachusetts put on a good show grilling the bank CEOs over not using the money as intended. Because there were no restrictions, they didn’t use the money to lend, but it was used to buy out smaller or failing banks. Wells Fargo, an institution that didn’t need TARP, was forced to take it for the purpose of buying Wachovia.

In truth these banks were told to use TARP to buy out other banks, but were then brought to a house committee on the hill to answer for “not using the money as intended”.

With bailout money, the government has a government operative in the auto companies board room telling them what kind of automobiles they have to make. In effect, telling you what car you will drive. Now they can apparently fire the CEOs and maybe even the board.

When the government says we own 80% of AIG, what they mean is the government owns 80% of AIG. As far as the government is concerned, what you earn is theirs and they are benevolent enough to let you have some of it.

Tim Geithner has plans to be given authority to take over non-bank financial institutes that might be “to big to fail”. This is just the start of the government owning every institute.

It looks as if the Food Safety Modernization Act will not pass, but it will come up again. This law puts more regulation on farming and will make small farms go out of business or be swallowed by larger farms. It is much easier to take control of one large farm, than several smaller ones. The intent “so it was said” was not to make home gardens illegal, but in fact would have.

Then there are big companies that will help government willingly. A good example is General Electric (GE). With there smart grid, they will be telling Big Brother how much energy you use. The state of California considered passing a law that allowed the energy company to charge more to customers who used more electricity, and graded you with happy or sad faces.

What business is it of anyones how much energy you use or waste? The bullshit is that we will run out of energy, or we’re polluting. Bullshit and bullshit. Get your nose out of my butt. Once again I digress.

These big companies don’t know they will be government run and the consumer will no longer be a consumer but a slave to the government. What is boils down to is the Communist Manifesto. Read and see how close we come. You’ll be happy if this is what you want. You’ll be surprised if your asleep at the wheel.

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