Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Real Face of Israeli Arabs Revealed

What's the excuse to today's riot in Umm El-Fahem? The fact that a few wierdos marched with Israel's flag? Arabs in that town are all too happy to milk the state for social benifiets and enjoy the freedoms that come with Israeli citizenship, but at the sight of Jews and the Israeli flag they go apeshit crazy.

Click for a gallary of images from Umm El Fahem Riot

The police was forced by court order to allow the Jewish demonstrators to wave flags. The Arabs rioted, and the anti riot police stood in the middle.

20 People were injured, guess which side was the violent one.
Police chief: We proved protests can be held anywhere (should have said "finally allowed protest everywhere")
After some 20 people were left injured from riots that broke out in protest of rightists' march in northern Arab city of Umm al-Fahm, Police Commissioner Dudi Cohen says satisfied with officers' handling of situation. Deputy commissioner who was injured in event says 'this is part of the price we pay to uphold a court order'

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