Thursday, March 12, 2009

'Cowards who can't fight' - Muslim in UK taunts grieving families

You reap what you sow. Britz, you made this happen: It's Official: Britain Approves Visit of Hezbollah Official.....

Now deal with the consequences:
'HE is the coward for mocking victims of friendly fire': Families of dead soldiers react with fury to Muslim hate preacher's taunts
The families of soldiers killed by friendly fire in Iraq have reacted with fury after a firebrand preacher taunted them over the deaths of their loved ones.

Anjem Chourdary added insult to the injury caused by Islamic extremists' hate-filled protest against soldiers returning home from the war-torn region by saying they were 'not heroes but closer to coweards who cannot fight, as their uncanny knack for death by friendly fire illustrates'.

The three soldiers to whom he was referring - Privates Robert Foster, 19, John Thrumble, 21, and Aaron McClure, 19 - were killed in Afghanistan in August 2007 when an American F-15 jet dropped a 500lb bomb on their position.

Choudary's extraordinary comments were delivered hours after Muslim protesters waved offensive placards as members of 2nd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment marched through Luton.


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