Monday, March 02, 2009

Here we go again, Clinton: 'Break the cycle of violence'

See - it's a cycle. It's not that Israel has done anything to promote peace in the last 20 years, like withdrawal from Gaza and Lebanon. Or create an Arab autonomy called Palestinian Authority - or release massive amounts of terrorists from it's prisons as good will gestures. Not the mass pardons to PLO leaders, nothing! It's a cycle - 8 years of rockets from Gaza until Israel retaliates - it's a cycle.

I remember that "cycle" bull from the 90-s - it was baloney then, it's baloney now.

Clinton calls for urgent action to break ME cycle of violence

Hillary Rodham Clinton, on her first foray into Middle East politics as US secretary of state, called for urgent action by Arabs, Israelis and the international community to break the cycle of Mideast violence and to move toward a comprehensive peace in the region.

Clinton was speaking at the Gaza reconstruction conference in Sharm e-Sheikh, where she arrived with a US pledge of about $900 million.

"We cannot afford more setbacks or delays - or regrets about what might have been had different decisions been made," she said in apparent reference to the failure of previous peace initiatives.

With the Obama administration's Mideast peace envoy, George Mitchell, seated behind her at a conference meant to raise billions to help the Gaza Strip recover from its recent war with Israel, Clinton said President Barack Obama would continue the Bush administration's focus on seeking a two-state solution that entails Israel and a sovereign Palestinian state coexisting in peace.


  1. B"H

    So, [if you're Jewish] why don't you move to Israel already and help?

    Talking about the problem is important. But being an active part of the main solution will also be of great help.

  2. Thanks for the off BY.

    I'm Jewish and from Israel, and my kids have duel citizenship. I chose not to expose too much about my self to protect my family and me from "big brother" and Joe the Plumber incident proved me right.

    I'm where I'm at for personal reasons, which are unlikely to change too soon.

  3. offer... my keyboard has issues today.