Friday, March 06, 2009

CNN at rock bottom: Call to execute Rush, other far left lunacies - unchallanged, live

Hotair provide both video and transcript:
TEPHANIE MILLER, LIBERAL TALK RADIO HOST: I guess that is what Nancy and her friends want. As long as you have a place to listen Rush on the radio — if he fails we all fail.

KING: If his policies fail, he fails, right?

MILLER: Exactly. To me that seems treasonous.

King’s hard-hitting response?

KING: Lars, a fair question. [Arianna Huffington had jumped in after Miller to gripe about George Bush]

Later, Miller tried to get a reaction from King again:

MILLER: Nancy, you are right about one thing. We love this episode of Republican. It’s delightful and it’s not solving any of the serious problems that the country is facing. You know who is it good for? Rush Limbaugh. He loves this attention.

If I could say something tonight that gets me that kind of attention, like maybe Rush Limbaugh should be executed for treason. How about that?

And King’s hard-hitting follow-up?

KING: It is true that any kind of — Rush is a personality — is enjoying this, isn’t he?

Nothing to be expected from loony grampa King after his bizarre interview with Ahmedinajad. The guy is way past his retirement and continues to debase himself.

This however - does not excuse CNN's recklessness. Someone should have stepped in. This is incitement to murder, disagreeing with dear leader is now an excuse to incite to murder - live - on a news channel.

And you thought calling Republicans Nazis on that channel was rock bottom... digging my friends, rocks aren't hard enough for CNN to bottom.

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