Monday, March 02, 2009

Priorities: 4.4B To Gaza, Dow Below 7000

Sure - it's unrelated. Except that everything is always related, and actions have results. Egypt: $4.4B raised for Gaza reconstruction
During Sharm el-Sheik Gaza aid conference, where donors pledged $4.4 billion, Clinton says Obama administration has no illusions when it comes to Tehran's willingness to negotiate atom work, Obama will push fr two-state solution

CNN: Dow below 7,000
Blue-chip measure drops to levels not seen since 1997 as AIG reports biggest quarterly loss in corporate history, government revamps rescue.


The S&P 500 (SPX) index lost 30 points, or 4.1%. Earlier, it fell as low as 704.27, its lowest level since Nov. 4, 1996.

If only the politicians can shut up for a week about nationalizing health care, taxing the rich, canceling mortgage interests tax discounts, canceling tax credits for donations... all that crazy stuff - perhaps the market could rally all the way to 1997 levels.

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