Friday, March 20, 2009

Misleading readers: Vancouver woman kidnapped in Pakistan pleads for life on video

Guess what's not in the title? You have to read further...

Vancouver woman kidnapped in Pakistan pleads for life on video
A Canadian woman being held hostage in northern Pakistan says her captors are planning to behead her at the end of the month if a $2-million ransom is not paid.

In a video provided to the Globe and Mail and posted on the newspaper's website, a pale and haggard-looking Khadija Abdul Qahaar, 52, begins to cry as she says her "time is very short and my life is going to end.

"I'm going to be killed, as you can see," Qahaar says on the video, pointing at a long knife hanging behind her.

"I'm going to be beheaded just like the Polish engineer, probably by the end of the month. The deadline is by the end of March."

That name... something about that name... (no one deserves this but something about the name makes me a bit more curious)

The former West Vancouver resident was kidnapped in November along with three guides while travelling to record video.

Ms. Qahaar, who changed her name from Beverly Giesbrecht after converting to Islam in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, is the owner and publisher of a controversial pro-Islamic web magazine called Jihad Unspun, which is registered to a West Vancouver address.

Well, well. It seems she found what she was promoting and advocating. I hope she is freed simply for humanitarian reasons, but I do hope no one pays a dime in ransom to do so. It's like being told Osama Bin Laden is held captive by Al-Zawahere, you don't know who to jeer first.

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