Thursday, March 05, 2009

Being Sick Sucks

I'm under a pile of dirty Kleenex - Sniff-sniff... at home... just peeked at the news. S&P500 down on the day 4%. It's not a daily fluctuation - it's a daily butchery. Rockets from Gaza hit a synagogue in Israel and dumb ass Roseann Bar thinks Israel is firing rockets at self to excuse killing innocent Arabiscuts.

I have a bosa-nova music channel playing from rhapsody playing in the background. It's nice to hear calm music in a language you don't understand and have no clue what they're singing. Portuguese is easy on the ear.

Earlier in the day I was at the office and two cops from a different place in Michigan were in for training on our product - they surprised me with their admiration to Bibi and hopes he takes care of Iran's nukes soon. I didn't bring the subject up, not sure they even knew where I'm from. It's always amazing to find so many non-Jewish Americans who care for Israeli politics.

sniff...sniff again. I'm going to take some Nyquil tonight and sleep like a baby. Hopefully tomorrow it will all go away. The watery eyes, the headache, the stuffy/runny nose and the general stoned feeling.

P.S. I'm only using amazon links for the pictures, don't care what or if someone buys...

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