Saturday, December 27, 2008

Scheduling a just blow to terrorists

Scheduling a just blow to terrorists: I was thinking, why today? Why not a day ago or the day before, or a week from now. I came up with a list of reasons as to why today was the day the Israeli government chose to serve a huge blow to those who have terrorized Israeli Jews for months and years:

  1. They chose to wait after Christmas - so that Israel could enjoy the religious tourist boom one more time before headlines about security issues would deter future visitors.
  2. In the coming electing both ruling parties were headed toward a crash due to their refusal to retaliate to the rockets and to protect the Israeli citizens. Politically - it's a do or die.
  3. Obama is set to take office in less than a month, Israel will not have a strong ally in the UN and any operation which could take about a month (that's the prediction in Israel these days) would require cooperation from Israel only ally. It's now or never for most logical defensive operations. (Iran in my guess will not be bombed until after Obama leaves office 4 or 8 years from now)
  4. Israel was relying on Egypt becoming exhousted with their efforts to convince Hamas to change their ways. Egypt did not give Israel the green light to kill the terrorists, it will condemn and act against Israel, however Egypt's initial response today was used by Israel and it was calculated to be used as such.
  5. Israel created several deceptions in the last few days to make Hamas believe it will not attach until next week. Those deceptions include
    1. Allowing trucks full of goods to get through the crossings
    2. Releasing some Israeli soldiers home for vacations
    3. Declaring more debates over the next week
    4. Confusing the heck out of the Israeli public as to who in the government has any testicular powers left. (Apparently, some traces were found today)
  6. Israel had enough intelligence on gatherings of Hamas armed terrorists today to take as many of them as possible at once

I'm out of ideas. There are probably more reasons. Feel free to add what you think in the comments. (I do moderate the comments, so childish and hateful messages will be rejected, don't even bother)

P.S. I'll note a few more things about today's action which differ from prior:
  • The attack was in day time, prior attacks were during night time. The intent was to both kill as many terrorists as possible as well as to shock Gazans - to make them see what the cost of the war they wanted is.
  • The targets were not sand dunes and empty old buildings. This time, Israel meant business - like I said many times before: "When you have to shoot, shoot - don't talk". There's a limit to how many warning shots and make belief retaliations you can do before you lose credibility.
  • Hamas' leadership are scared and confused. They're shocked at the cost they paid today and are peeing their pants thinking about tomorrow. They call it "Holocaust", it's more a sign of how "pee in your pants scared" they are than to how well they understand the term. Obviously - it's a military defeat, not an extermination of a nation.
  • Israel's declaration of goals was not somewhere in the sky. Simply - Gazans, stop attacking Israelis. Any cessation of the operation prior to achieving the goals will not be accepted by the Israeli public which will have a chance to vote current government out immediately after the operation. Since the politicians are already on their way out - this should diminish the effect of the international community pressure.
  • It's only day one, and although successful to Israel, it is not a cause to celebration - yet. I'm not the genius expert who says "Israel should do this", or "attack from the ground like that". I would just mention that soldiers are recruited and trained to protect civilians, and while all human life is precious - civilian life is more. Save women and children, kill the terrorists by any means possible. Simple as that.

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