Monday, December 15, 2008

Annus horribilis

If you googled "Skimpy Santa Outfit Kicked Out of Stadium picture", and for some reason reached here, scroll down - I found what you're looking for...

Apparently, "Annus horribilis" is Latin for: "horrible year".
I'm holding back on an appropriate picture. (succumbed to my temptation, published below)

Since we are approaching a new year (or a new civil or secular year as it is referred to in Israel), we should perhaps rehearse the Latin of "Happy New Year":
"Fortuno Novus Annus"


OK - can't help it.

Feeling juvenile this morning. Here's a relevant picture (click to find out why...)

... apologies for a really sub-par post... I would have called it an open thread - only that I get very few comments so I shouldn't try and call it a thread.

The skimpy santa stuff
I don't know why would you google this. You should be ashamed of your self, as I am for helping you out:

Sondra Fortunato Photo: Sexy Miss NFL Racy Santa Claus Outfit for Giants

The NFL's New York Giants aren't amused by fan Sondra Fortunato's decision to show up for a game in a skimpy Santa Claus outfit last week, revealing a little more than anyone wanted to see.

Sondra Fortunato, a middle-aged blonde, made other women "jealous" last week when she showed up to a Giants game wearing a skimpy Santa Claus outfit, which, according to the AP, consisted of a tiara, fishnet stockings, a bathing suit bottom and high-heeled boots.

Security escorted her from the stadium.

While fellow fans and the Giants have expressed their disdain for Sondra's less-than-Santa-like outfit, she claims it wasn't offensive at all:

"You couldn't even see my underwear."

The last image was found here.
Your welcome... now click on an adsense and let me earn 2 cents out of your perverted deeds... was she worth googling? Really?

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