Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Proof that "Cast Lead" is as I mentioned more internal to Muslim World than Israel/Arab conflict

I wrote about it here:
Figuring out Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran's strategy to initiate this war.
(speaking of Hamas' strategy in opening a war which will only bring more destruction and humiliation to their people)

There are many reasons, I'll try to list them in order of strategic importance to those terrorists who instigate the situation:

* Maintain political power and extend territorial control by terrorists in area of conflict by slowly eroding the resolve of those who oppose them. In particular - in places like Egypt and Lebanon. I know you thought I was going to write "conquer land from Israel" - no there is no goal to push Israel inwards or outwards. Israel is considered by them as an illegitimate passing thing which really "doesn't exist", that's why they disregard Israeli law when they are given full citizenship rights. The only battle is with the Arab world. Israel's own political stupidity is to withdraw in anticipation of any gratitude.

A few anecdotes to prove my point; Guess what Iranians are doing right now?
IRANIANS ATTACK Jordanian Embassy & Firebomb Saudi Airline Offices ...Update: Students Storm British Embassy

Iranians are venting their hate to Sunnis from Jordan and Saudi Arabia - and for their withdrawal of support for Hammas, which has transformed to a proxy of Iran.

Also, today - Arab leaders refuse to commit any assistance to Hamas terror group, urging Hamas to renew Fatah's governance over Gaza: Gaza offensive: Arab leaders urge Palestinian unity (you have to read between the lines here to achieve same conclusion as I)
Saud al-Faisal:
"We are telling our Palestinian brothers that your Arab nation cannot extend a real helping hand if you don't extend your own hands to each other with love"

More: While Israel fights in Gaza, Egypt and Saudi Arabia take on Iran
Before that, you might have noticed that Hezbollah was using it's media to incite for mutiny in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Egypt wasn't shy about blasting back at the Shiite instigators:
Aboul Gheit lashes back at Nasrallah


"I tell this man (Nasrallah): No, no! Our armed forces can defend our homeland from people like you. Your interest in creating chaos is not in the best interest of the area," he added.

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