Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fatah Palestinian Arabs celebrate Hamas defeat, Palestinians best interest - not Arab world's

My Opinion: Fatah Palestinian Arabs celebrate Hamas defeat, Palestinians best interest - not Arab world's.

It's always been the case. The Arab world wishes to fight and eliminate Israel up to the last Jewish blood - but not with their own blood, with Palestinians. At times, Palestinians buy the propaganda and sacrifice themselves only to murder Jews. The rise of Hamas was the peak success of such propaganda where hate filled Arabs were blind to acknowledge own self interest, reject any chance of peace and truce only to injure and scare a few Jews across the border.

Today's Abbas's blasting of Hamas, and yesterday's Egypt are monumental shifts. I'm not a fan of either, but there's some recognition of reality by Fatah and Egypt and that's a true breakthrough.

Fatah was defeated and humiliated in Gaza. Scores were brutally murdered by Hammas. In the west bank - where Israel kept Fatah in power opposed to Hammas - the Fatah terrorists viewed the actions from Gaza with horror as they knew they awaited the same "Iranian" fate which befallen their Gazan brothers.

While enough uproar will be visible from Arabs across the land of Israel including the Palestinian authority territories, At least half of those Arabs at this time are quietly joyous and wishing for further defeat for Hammas. Whilst in past time we were told of silent majorities opposing terror - and we could not believe that anyone can be silent and oppose terror at once, I do believe that many Terror Supporting Fatah members across the land are truly joyous at the death toll Hamas is paying in Gaza.

The sniveling blood thirsty inciters from across the Arab world do not want a cease fire, or peace. They are blinded by hate and only wish pain to those who aren't Muslim or Arab. To acknowledge that Hammas's folly is their doing is beyond their ability to show signs of honor. The Arab world leaders are about to gather and show grim faces and issue statements of solidarity - but they too feel that they have brought the latest defeat to their "supposedly" loved Palestinians. The best interest of the Arabs from the land of Israel was never in mind when they chose to discriminate against them for 60 years and only encourage and pay them to commit suicide.

Here's the video from Yesterday, Egyptian minister can call it as it is:
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