Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jihadi scum continue to butcher Arabs in Iraq - at least 55 dead at restaurant

Where's the outrage? Why are Arabs from around the Arab world so indifferent to Jihadi massacres?

Restaurant butchery fetish continues. I'm starting to think Jihadis have something against Mediterranean food.

I noticed that now that Obama reverted promise to wave white flag in Iraq, CNN won't put Iraqi terror horror on front page. Imagine that?

You have to find the news elsewhere, then search for it on CNN to find this article:
At least 55 killed in Iraq suicide blast during restaurant talks
A suicide bomber killed at least 55 people Thursday at a restaurant in northern Iraq where Arab and Kurdish politicians were working on ways to ease tensions.

The attack on the eatery outside Kirkuk wounded 109 others, but none of the politicians was seriously hurt.

Police haven't determined a motive for the attack, but Sheikh Hassan Abd al-Jaburi, an Arab official who works for the Kirkuk City Council, said he believes the attackers targeted the meeting "because it was an attempt to stabilize the situation in Kirkuk."

An Iraqi Interior Ministry official provided slightly lower casualty figures than local police -- 47 dead and 102 wounded.

The assault occurred north of Kirkuk during the busy lunch hour at Abdalla Kabab restaurant, where people were celebrating Eid al-Adha, the festive Muslim holiday that comes at the end of the hajj pilgrimage, a Kirkuk police official said.

My deepest sympathy goes out to the victims and their families.

I do hope that someday the Arab world would wake up and denounce this kind violent vulgarity they seem to celebrate. Following that denunciation - should come reformation and rejection of violent elements in the Islamic religion and tradition. I believe everybody in the world yearns for such a reform because Jihadis threaten everyone. It is more than infuriating to notice that when Muslims denounce terror they take extra care to not define what terror is - and try to paint terror against Jews as something different.

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