Saturday, December 27, 2008

Israel strikes back

Here are the headlines I encountered in the very few minutes since turning on the computer this morning:
At least terrorists 204 dead. 1 Israeli civilian dies from bombardment of his home, another wounded from a bombardment of a synagogue. Egypt blames and condemns Hamas. Israel tricked Hamas to think that any attack would only occur tomorrow. Police cancels Arab soccer matches within Israel to avoid crowds forming and instigation of riots. (all of my sources right now are in Hebrew: here, here and here.)

Photos, here.

I think there's something distinctly different this time - despite the obvious high toll in a short time, a major Arab nation takes stance against Arabs and supports Israel. That being said - once the insanely blood thirsty Arab media gets a hint of how big of a travesty Hamas has brought upon Gaza, Surely the pressure will amount against Israel - not the terrorists, to hold back.

Here's CNN form of reporting: At least 170 killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza
sraeli airstrikes pounded targets in Gaza on Saturday, killing at least 170 people, Palestinian medical sources said. An Israeli army spokeswoman said her country is ready to continue the attacks "as long as it takes."

Palestinian medical sources said 110 people were hospitalized in Gaza in serious to critical condition. Earlier Saturday, the sources said at least 250 people had been wounded in the raids.

The militant group Hamas, which controls the government in Gaza, vowed to retaliate.

The strikes followed several days of rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel.

Hamas police stations were hit, killing many senior police commanders, a reporter in Gaza said.

Maj. Gen. Tawfeeq Al-Jaber, a senior commander in the Hamas police force, was killed, as was Ismail Jabari, who headed the special police force in Gaza, Palestinian sources said.

Israeli Maj. Avital Leibovich told CNN the military began the attacks "in order to preserve the security

CNN of course is already concentrating on showing us blood and gore from Gaza, and no photo or description of Israeli suffering. Hu... who could have seen this coming? An obvious double standard in reportage of casualties and suffering from an outlet that supposedly has no vested interest in the conflict.

Interesting bit of info:
Israel called this operation "Solid Lead", which is a phrase used in a Hanukkah song describing a dreidel. This is without a doubt a strong vengeful strike back to those who made this Hanukkah holiday a terror-full one to many in southern Israel.

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