Thursday, December 18, 2008

Post Arafat and Israeli victory over "west bank Hamas terrorists": Bethlehem is booming

Who would've guessed it right? That those evil joooos uprooting the terrorists would cause Arab Bethlehem to boom... Guess what's going to happen after Obama forces Israel to give Hamas and Iran full control over the "West Bank" (I would rather call it what it is Judea and Sumeria). Christians world wide are going to regret pushing the so called "peace process" down the Israelis throat.

Xmas in Bethlehem: By the Numbers

19: Fully booked hotels.

1.3 million: Tourists visiting Bethlehem this year.

30,000: Visitors expected just for Christmas Eve.

5,000: Additional visitors expected for January's Orthodox rites.

12,000: New jobs created by tourism surge.

30 percent: Drop in local unemployment over past three years, attributing to improved security situation.

1,500: PA security men deployed for Christmas season.

2.8 million: Estimated number of tourists in Israel in 2008.

Sources: The Scotsman and AP. See additional reports of all-time highs in Israeli and Tel Aviv tourism.

Hmmm. Random thought, would Obama pressure Israel to dismantle the security barriers and usher in a new era of homicide bombing? I know he's not even a day in office and I mentioned I prefer to lay off this issue until something does happen, but he keeps surrounding himself with ... ehem... sordid individuals shall we say? And I'm not the only one to notice it if you browse through my latest posts.

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