Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Propaganda Bombardment at Yahoo Mail

I opened my yahoo mail account (which I don't make public), and this is what I find:

This is the power of current propagandists at the helm of the news wires. You open your email, and the first thing that your eye catches and your brain digest into the subconscious is:
"Israel rejects truce call, pursues bombing Gaza (AP) "
With the candle-light photo.

You can't even avoid it. There's no direct link to the inbox which allows you to skip the "welcome" page, so the millions of yahoo mail users are faced with the "sold out media" lies and distortions. This is how public opinion is being built against Israel, the same way it was built in favor of Obama.

For the millions who don't follow the news, and who have no interest in anything - their opinions of things are dictated by highlights and snippets which were carefully crafted for that specific audience.

Can I get my mail "AP Propaganda" free please? Mass media brainwashing in progress without people even noticing it.

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  1. You are so right on. There should be a campaign to get Yahoo to dump AP. They ran a stupid story dateline Nov. 10 - Palin sorts clothes to see what belongs to the RNC. They have continued to put that headline up before you go into your yahoo mail essentially every day since and they're still doing it even though if you now click on the link, the story is so old you can't access it any more. The headline is just there to reinforce some essentially fabricated story designed to be derogatory to Sarah Palin. These clowns need to answer for their bias and misdeeds and pressuring Yahoo to drop AP would be a good start.