Thursday, December 11, 2008

Anti-Israel Christmas carols at UK church

From YnetNews:
Anti-Israel Christmas carols at UK church
Group of activists, including Jews, holds alternative Christian holiday service, replacing traditional songs with 'apartheid wall', '12 assassinations'
LONDON – Israeli Ambassador to Britain Ron Prosor harshly slammed the Church of England on Wednesday for permitting an anti-Israel carol service with anti-Semitic content at a London church.

"The head of the church gave the stage to incitement which we hoped had passed from this world," he told Ynet.

The alternative service was held at the historic Wren church of St. James's, Picadily, in Central London about two weeks ago and included nine lessons and Christmas carols with new words.

The participants were a group of anti-Israel activists, most of them Palestinians and some Jews, who are urging a boycott of products made in the Jewish state.

The Anglican church takes an active role in enticing against Israel during Christmas time. If you belong to that church - how can you not feel ashamed?

Christmas time for me is a time to celebrate that I live in the US of A - where Christianity is rarely abused by antisemites as it were in Europe for centuries. Where my christian friends and I share mutual respect for one another.

Obviously in England they didn't get the memo about mixing Christianity and Antisemitism and the horrific consequences that follow. But who cares. They're screwed anyhow - their antisemetic multicultural society is doomed to be replaced by Islamists and they very rarely act to overturn what is headed their ways.

P.S. The existence of those fake "jews" who partake in such activities are modus operandi of islamist scum and antisemites trying to excuse their blatant antisemitism with token people proclaiming to be Jewish. If the grandpa of your grandpa resembled a Jew - and you in person celebrate the murder of Jews for any reason, I don't see how you could be considered "Jewish". If you identify yourself as "antizionist Jew", you are most probably a Marxist anarchist who hates Jews - regardless of your blood line.

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