Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dumb things done by Airport Security

I highly recommend this very funny list:
The 7 Dumbest Things Ever Done by Airport Security

I commend them for finding only 7. Just to calm everybody down, I should mention that airport security has always been stupidly-dangerously bad and this phenomena is not restricted to the US. Try explaining to a German security officer while switching international flights about a disability... see how much they care that their devices could kill you. Your papers are in that wierd and rare language - English. Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

The situation becomes even dumber because the people who enforce security are either unwilling to use proper judgment or not allowed to because their bosses think they are too dumb. I know a man by the name of Micheal Hogan. There are many Micheal Hogans around the country, and they can identify with this list because they are always delayed and harassed at airports. An old fart in Ireland was put on the list by the geniuses at England. So my bud, GI Mike - keeps being harassed at airports, try spelling "Ex-Marine, NOT IRA, have never been to Ireland" to the select elite who guards the airplanes. In the list, you will find similar stories - and if you manage not to cry, you might laugh.

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