Wednesday, December 31, 2008

400 hacked to death in catholic church on Christmas, world/media mute

H/T to eye-on-the-world who raised the question: Why isn’t UN having "grave concerns" about this?
But all we hear is how poor terrorists in Gaza are having their infrastructure and ammunition blown up.

More proof of how deaf blind and stupid our media and news providers are, this wasn't a big headline, nor was it condemned by anyone:
Aid Group Says 400 Killed in Eastern Congo Massacres
Ugandan rebels have killed more than 400 people in northeastern Congo since Christmas, an aid agency said Tuesday.

The Catholic charity, Caritas, cited reports by its staff in the region.

"Caritas is shocked by its staff reports of a series of massacres in the Democratic Republic of Congo carried out by Ugandan rebels on Christmas Day and the days following," the group said in a statement on its Web site.


Telephone calls by The Associated Press to the army and rebels were not returned Tuesday. [Shawarma: err.. what?! there's a 1-800-Congo-butchers?]


On Monday, officials and witnesses said attackers had hacked to death scores of people who sought refuge at a Catholic church the day after Christmas, and the United Nations said the rebels had killed a total of 189 people in three villages in the area over two recent days.


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