Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Be'er Sheva hit - Hamas answers NO to Israeli fumbling with Truce

Be'er Sheva hit - Hamas answers NO to Israeli fumbling with Truce:
Rockets reach Beersheba

Israeli leaders to discuss suspending Gaza op for 48 hours

All through today there were idiotic headlines of supposed truce recommended by the army, then denied by the army and accusing the media of trying to dictate the war moves, then info about Barak (not Obama) wanting truce while Olmert not, then denial - then... well - who cares?! It's a war - what kind of an irresponsible message do you think this leadership and the Israeli media send by this idiocy? WEAKNESS DURING WAR!

Hamas' answer was swift and unambiguous, they bombarded Be'er Sheva. Thus far there was speculation on whether they could do that. Critics of the 6 months truce were saying from the get-go that it will lead to further risk to Israeli life.

Hamas today proved that the most extreme of the right leaning analysts were absolutely correct. The disengagement was a horrendous error in the long term strategy of protecting Jewish civilian life. The truce was a life line not to Israelis but to terrorists, and the current toying with a notion of a cease fire with these murderous blood thirsty monster is as dangerous as all of the above.

Regardless of how this war "ends" (there's never an end, Israel is surrounded and flooded by hate filled Arabs who wish to murder Jews) - The Israeli public had better wake up and stop electing dreamy leftists. The "leftism" disease allowed the Hamas cancer to root a home. The strikes it had received thus far are less affective than chemotherapy.

Take the gloves off and fight thy enemy!

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