Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lynched by Arabs, fired gun to defend self, then lynched by Media - vindicated by judge

There's an obvious war in Israel conducted by the media against Jews who reside beyond the 1949 Armistice Line. The current government of Israel is doing its part to encourage hatred of those Jewish people by forcefully evicting Jews from homes which were bought from Arabs but after the sale were disputed.

During this violent and redundant eviction - both Jewish residents as well as Arab residents of Hebron rioted. The media, who signaled the Jews of Hebron as public enemy number one, chose to describe the Jews' behavior as a pogrom and the Arabs as victims. I'm talking about the Israeli media here! The international media, as well as any non-Israeli government has no interest in this and whenever this idiocy pops up in international media people usually disregard it (rightfully), shrug it off and at most think to them selves - why is this even reported? Who cares - it's internal to Israel.

During the riots - Arabs attempted to lynch a Jewish resident, he was armed and fired back. The media focused on him firing back, hiding footage of what preceded that firing - and have tried and convicted the shooter on TV.

The shooter, who was told the police is looking for him - came out of good will, and was arrested. Here's where the story gets an interesting twist though:
Hebron shooter sent home
Man suspected of shooting Palestinians after eviction of disputed Hebron house placed under house arrest; judge criticizes police's 'double standards' in not arresting Palestinians involved in incident, says police, prosecutors influenced by media


It continues, but I discourage anyone from clicking and reading further. Even while the judicial system vindicated the man and proclaims the media vilified him - YnetNews captioned the photo of the man as "Double Standards?".

Skeptic is the media. A Jew - self defend?! But a settler is he! (I imagine that's how Yoda would say it)

Shamefully disgusting. The double standard here is the media's approach to reporting about Jewish residents of Hebron and any Jews residing beyond the 1949 armistice line.

The Israeli media is a cesspool of lefty hate to religious Jews. I am saying this as a secular person who no longer lives in Israel.

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